When raising a child you start to realise that they hit all sorts of milestones continuously and as a parent you revel in all the firsts.  We are in the process of Bubba starting nursery and this will be the first time I've left her with strangers, other children and a whole host of things I cannot control. It got me thinking about all her firsts and what I'd want her to know if I'm not around. I realised I'm not going to be able to protect her all the time from everything so here are a few to get her started:

First time you ride a bike
Don't look down, always keep looking straight ahead and see your destination. Don't worry about falling off, it's going to happen but it's not as bad as you think. You must always get straight back on.

First time you go somewhere alone like a party.
Smile. Smile like your life depends on it and no matter how scared you are, your brain will catch up with your smile and in no time you'll be having fun. Smile at others and share (you never know, they could feel the same) and you might make a good friend in the process. 

First time you kiss a boy
Make sure you really like him and he likes you back. If he shares food, toys and fun then he is the boy for you. Don't give too much of yourself away at the start, friendship and romance take time.

First time your heart breaks
I'll tell you what my mum told me: surround yourself with your loved ones. Don't sit in the quiet and brood , get out and get some fresh air. The pain won't always be there, soon your heart expands again and you'll love again. Remember mummy will always love you.

First time you feel lost or alone or things seem impossible
Remember mummy and daddy love you always. Look behind and see how far you've come, look ahead and see how exciting it can be. You can do anything your heart desires, you are loved and a very special person. Never forget that.