19 Jun 2012

Five Things - So far unsolved mysteries

Before becoming a parent you often think, when a parent explains why they can't get little one to do certain things 'how hard can it be?' It's only when you become a parent you realise how tricky lots of situations are and you look at others who have got their child to do certain things in awe.

Here are five of my current unsolved mysteries, any suggestions on these would be gratefully received:

How do I get Bubba to keep a sun hat on
Now this isn't such a concern when the weather is dull and dreary but when we have heatwave weather (remember that week!!) it seems an impossible task. I put the hat on, she pulls it off, I put the hat back on and she pulls it off with considerable force. The more I put it on, the harder she pulls it off. The only time she keeps it on is when she is trying to pull off the sunglasses, as soon as that's done she moves onto the hat.

Understanding the babble
Bubba talks a lot! At me, to her toys with family, the only problem is that most of it is incoherent and well...just babble really. But she looks at me as if I'm really stupid because I don't understand what she is loudly telling me to do. She has taken to pointing to get her words understood. I know at 15 months she isn't supposed to be talking properly but seriously, how am I meant to understand her without her having a tantrum.

Making her toddle in the direction I want to go
Having only recently started walking, Bubba isn't really walking with much purpose at the moment and can wander in the other direction. She had a walk around the shops (with reins on) and she got in the way and went the opposite direction to me!

Keeping her in the pushchair now she's realised she has working legs
I daren't get her out of the pushchair when we go out now, in case she decides that getting back in isn't for her. This theory slightly gets thwarted when it's lunch time and she has to get out. Those legs wiggle wildly and she starts to cry as soon as her bum hits the pushchair seat. I don't want to make a scene, how do other mothers manage it.

What is so interesting about some children programmes
I really don't know what the appeal of certain programmes are but Bubba seems to love them and understand what's going on. She will look around me in order to see it. I'm getting used to Justin Fletcher and Numtums but Baby TV channel?!?

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