9 Jun 2012

Justin's Hands Up

When I first started watching children's television (lets face is, as a mother you sometimes find yourself still watching the programme your toddler or baby has lost interest in before you even realise you are doing it). I found Justin Fletcher slightly strange and annoying, he seemed too happy and jumpy for my sleep deprived brain but now I've changed my mind. I find his programmes slightly clever and he is talented (and the children sure do love him).

With that all in mind, I want to show you my latest purchase (well I've had it over a month now and it's just coming into its own). 

Whenever Bubba is cranky in the car, I slam this on at a fairly high volume and sing along...it either drowns her out or she looks at me like I'm a nutter and starts clapping along (probably out of sympathy). I have also been known to put this on even when she isn't in the car (I know...nutter eh!).

We've had other CD's of children's songs before but they always seem to be sung in a strange key and shrill voice or just down right creepy. Justin is more up beat and has a certain clap alongness to it. Long live Justin.
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