When we first started weening I thought it was a doddle, Bubba would eat anything put in front of her and with gusto. It would take 20 minutes tops for her to polish of the puree or food and it was often mess free as well. Now she seems to have developed her own (often strong) feelings towards everything, including food.

At some meal times I can be found banging my head on the table or ringing my mum to ask advice when another meal is rejected. Is she ok, normal, does everyone's child develop a dislike for all the things they used to like? The frustration she feels can be mirrored in my face when she spits out another mouthful. Then I put that same spat out goo back in and she eats it! There is no rhyme or reason to what she will or won't eat, I suddenly have a breakthrough and she'll eat spaghetti bolognese and then the next time I feed her the exact same meal she spits every mouthful out.

She also loves things I don't expect like blue cheese and smoked salmon, curry and spiced food. But won't eat simple things like tomato or sweetcorn regardless of how I tart them up. The worst bit is that she can sort food in her mouth, so even if I sneak something in that she has deemed inappropriate, it takes a few seconds for her to swallow the food she does want and then spit out the offending item.

For a month or so she was not even eating her favourite foods (but hopefully that seems to have passed and she is back to eating). She would shake her head no at everything, I resorted to rejecting that meal and giving her toast to eat just so I could get some food in her.

At least that way the food I was swopping in was the most boring and bland replacement so she wouldn't win that battle.
Food all over the floor!
It's definitely hard work these days to keep her interested in eating and making sure she gets the right foods (and in her mouth, not all over the floor!).