22 Jun 2012

Moments and Memories

Today is a sad day but yet a happy day, this afternoon we say goodbye to my nan who had a full and varied life but sadly passed away recently (at the age of 90). Although it is a day for tears and hugs, I will be happy that I got to spend as long as I did with my nan and have some brilliant memories of times spent with my grandparents.

I have been lucky that I kept a full set of grandparents until only a few years ago and those who've passed all lived to ripe old ages. But what I'm most thankful for is the memories they helped create as I grew up, I got to spend a lot of time with both sets of grandparents and they all (bar Grandad Charlie) got to meet Bubba. I remember the things you can only get away with whilst spending time with nannies and grandads (the things that time and energy strapped parents don't do), they are etched on my brain and make me smile. The often messy or semi dangerous expeditions and fun...that's the main thing, fun.

Like sliding down a grass hill on a piece of cardboard directly onto a concrete path (it was a rather steep hill) and now health and safety wouldn't let you get away with it.  Grandad Charlie

Like coating all my food in vinegar which I still do today (baked beans, roast dinners, anything really) thanks to Nanny Joyce

Feeding the deer in Knoll park Maltesers (they seemed to like them) with Nanny Esther and Grandad Ron
Nan & Grandad at my wedding
I'm a little sad that any other babies I have won't get to meet my grandparents but equally they will have their own grandparents who will do madcap things with them and create their own wonderful memories like I have.

So in memory of Nan (and Uncle Den who also sadly passed from cancer) I will be doing the race for life in Blackheath on Sunday 1st July and whether I cobble together a run (or manage to just walk), I will be thinking of all the years and wisdom Nan shared with my brother and I as we grew up.

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