17 Jun 2012

Pretty.Little.Things - My first photo

Seeing as it's fathers day today I thought I'd join in the linky this week from Love From Mummy and Hollybobbs and post a picture of Bubba's first photo with Hubby. 

Bubba's arrival was all sort of standard (if ever there is such a thing in childbirth), I was five days overdue and had been in first stage labour for over three days which was slightly hardcore but when I got to hospital and was already six centimetres it helped my mental state to know it hadn't all been in vain. After that it all took a little while longer (around five hours in hospital before she was born). Born at 1.25am she came into the world crying and a dinky 7lb 10oz and as she was put onto my chest she did the most impressive poo which covered us both!

As a little family we were all exhausted and shell shocked and after Bubba was cleaned up and weighed, Hubby was thrust into the spotlight and had to dress the little crying bundle for the very first time. 
It took a while but this photo taken by the midwife shows the two of them together for the very first time (Hubby looking particularily scared). I really couldn't have done any of it without him and feel very lucky to have them both in my life.

Here is her very first close up - I still can't believe she is now over one, where does the time go?


There are some rather gorgeous photo's on the link up so do go and take a look. It does make me rather broody just looking at the newborn pictures.
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