5 Jun 2012

Shoe Heaven...

Now I'm a woman that has an appreciation of good shoes (or all shoes), I'm the woman who famously brought herself a pair of Louboutins before getting wed and then got pregnant, moved the wedding forward and did not wear the beloved shoes on the day (at five or so months pregnant), instead I got an equally high pair of cream shoes that went better with my ever changing wedding dress - I brought three different ones as my shape changed. But that's another story. I still haven't worn them out but I do get them out of their lovely box and wear them around the house every now and again and appreciate them whilst sitting in front of Emmerdale (I know, I'm so rock and roll).

I love shoes and what they can do for my mood, so I will probably pass this obsession onto my daughter. Now she is properly walking, I have been out and got her some lovely new sandals and rainy day shoes as her original pair were just for cruising.

Cruising Shoes from Clarks
The best bit is that they didn't break the bank, a few places can charge extortionate prices for first shoes and the amount she is going to wear them and how she will scuff them up, I'd rather spend £12 than nearer £30 which Clarks work out at). Plus that means I can get two pairs for the usual price of one.

Her two latest pairs are both from Mothercare (at £12 each). They are first walkers and are brilliant quality (unlike some other famous brands that we usually head to first). They also give Bubba's little feet lots of support which is brilliant. I got the sandals when the sun was shining (remember that week!!) and was so impressed that I went back today and got the blue shoes. She still has dinky little feet - size 2 and very narrow but these shoes fit well, I know already that I'm going to enjoy the shoe buying in the future as her feet grow.
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