25 Jun 2012

Teething is Tough

I can categorically say without fear or reprisal that no one...NO ONE!! ever told me about the tooth issues little people have. Whilst pregnant you hear the normal "ah bless, the milk comas, aren't they cute" or "sleepless nights, they hurt but you get used to it", the mumbles of "oh you wait, before you know it they'll be crawling" or the stifled giggles "oh the terrible two's!" and the knowing looks. But at no time do I remember anyone mentioning bloody teething and how it can change a lovely little person into a moany diva that dribbles worse than a St Bernard up a mountain.

Ok I'll admit, we had tooth issues slightly earlier than most I know (you could see the teeth under her gums from about two weeks old). The first tooth popped through at five months and they just kept coming. So we've had an early introduction of teething but I'm still not prepared. The last few teeth have not caused as much of a change to her personality but still we've had buckets of dribble and about four dirty nappies a day. Now we are at twelve teeth (she is 15 months old)! I feel that all she has done is teethe (although hubby disputes this but I'm not always convinced that he doesn't go through the 'forgetful man syndrome' when times get stressful).

The worse bit is soon these hard won teeth are all going to wobble out and get replaced by another set. So that's more pain and problems...the diva will be back with a vengeance and this time demanding money for the privilege.
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