14 Jul 2012

Brilliant Brights - Pretty.Little.Things

Although the weather has been far from nice recently I have still tried to dress Bubba in bright summery colours because the alternative is just a bit depressing (tights in July!)

I've always loved her in bright funky colours and I think it suits her personality, even if she sometimes gets mistaken for a boy because I put her in greens and blues. Her clothes are far more adventurous than mine (and I'm sort of living vicariously through her). 
I'm hoping she'll look back and be pleased she wore cute and colourful things. I must admit that most of the bright bits come from Next and I think they get it just right for little girls - not too girly (although I love girly) but not too 'out there' either.

If you want to see more gorgeous brilliant brights, head over to Love From Mummy & Hollybobbs who are hosting the Pretty.Little.Things linky
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