18 Jul 2012

Cooking for a Toddler - Book Review

Feeding Bubba is certainly an up and down experience, she often either eats everything or becomes quite fussy about things she used to love. Now she doesn't eat banana (which was her favourite weaning food), won't touch beef casserole (this was always a good emergency food because she was guaranteed to eat it) and can turn her nose up at blueberries if the mood takes her.

I seem to have got caught in a trap of not having a stash of food in the freezer and don't know what to cook. So I needed some inspirations as so far all I have is Annabel Karmel books which have lots of ingredients and I've sort of exhausted most of the recipes.

Looking around (whom am I kidding, I looked on Amazon) I found these two books had great reviews so I took the plunge and ordered them both.

The first is 'My Daddy Cooks' - Nick Coffer

I had never seen his blog where he vlogs recipes with his son helping (check it out as it's great) but just flicking through this books I found several things I wanted to cook. I'm also regularly going to check out his blog for new recipes. After only having the book a week I've already cooked the Toad in the Hole and Sloppy Joe's. A lot of the recipes aren't ground breaking (such as the Toad in the hole) but they are easy to follow and cook. It helped me start looking at what I prepare in a fresh way, with 100 recipes you certainly have a great choice.

Sloppy Joe (with focaccia and salad)
He mentions himself that they aren't specifically designed for children but he takes a more family approach and adapts according to what his son does and doesn't like (such as spices). I like this way of doing it because by now Bubba is supposed to start to be eating what we do so it's a nice way to make the transition.

I would recommend this book for good solid recipes that the whole family can enjoy and it is helpful if like me you have run out of ideas. A quick flick through this book and you'll find lots of inspiration and mouthwatering recipes.

'River Cottage Baby & Toddler Cookbook' - Nikki Duffy

I wasn't sure whether to get this book as it takes you through weaning to start with which we are well beyond now but I'm so glad I did get it.

The brilliant thing about this book is that it is in sections according to season so you can choose foods that should be in abundance. Duffy explains the science behind things and how to deal with fussy eaters and why some children become that way. There are chapters on what foods to avoid at different ages and also how to store food which can be invaluable if you aren't sure.

Again we have already cooked a few recipes and Bubba ate the Courgette Polpette today (a great way to get some different vegetables into her system).

I would recommend this book if you want to use different ingredients in different ways or would like to know what's at its best through out the year. The recipes I've cooked so far are easy to follow and quick to prepare and I'm looking forward to trying more over the next few weeks.
Courgette Polpette

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