13 Jul 2012

Five Things - I worry about

Worry. I'm good at this, along with guilt and can spend large amounts of time each day worrying or feeling guilty - they are only punctuated by being hungry or thirsty. Mainly I worry! My top five worries at the moment are:

1) Is Bubba eating enough or eating the right things or will go off food?

She was always good at trying new things, a little less so now but I reason that she is more in charge of her own palate so if she doesn't like Chicken then so be it (and tomato based sauces). But am I giving her enough food per meal, does she need more balance, is there something I should be feeding her!

2) Will she ever get used to nursery or am I harming her for life?

I wrote a recent post about this and she still isn't enjoying herself, I know she will never be one of those children who merrily runs away from me without a backward glance (she just isn't that type of girl) but I want her to at least eat when there or play with the toys.

3) Do we do enough as a family?

I work three days a week and so we are playing catch up on the days I'm off and then at the weekend we don't do enough structured things like going soft play or the park. We hang out as a little family. Should I be taking her more places, will she remember them now or am I just wasting my money!

4) Do I play enough with her?

As above, we go baby ballet on a tuesday but if at home I'm usually doing some job or other or watching her play. Could I be more involved or is this a natural stage they go through.

5) Will I ever be happy with the amount of sleep (or not) that I get?

Bubba is back on a more even keel now and generally sleeps from 7pm until 7am, she may cry in the night which wakes me briefly but she doesn't need me to get up. But I'm still not happy, will I ever feel really rested?

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