23 Jul 2012

Five Things - My crazy child does

Before having Bubba I was never told that little people do strange things that make no sense. I have three nieces who are all lovely and I must admit, they all had weird little quirks that would be funny to watch but I thought they were one offs and not regular weirdness.

Here are Bubba's weird goings on at the moment.

She loves rolling around in her tent
Ok so in itself that doesn't sound too strange but what she actually does is throw herself against the sides of the tent until it falls over on top of her. She waits a few seconds to work out whether it hurt or was fun and then laughs at herself like a little maniac! I've had to dismantle the tent because it was becoming a hazard.

Covering her face and walking into walls
She has a A4 size mirror with padded sides which she holds up in front of her face then just walks forward until she hits something (usually the wall or the bed) and then she laughs her little head off. This too has had to be taken off her and I can see a pattern forming!

If in the pram with no shoes on she sticks her legs out straight
It reminds me of a dog sticking its head out the window of a car. She doesn't do it when in shoes but I think she either likes staring at her little feet or enjoys a bit of wind between her toes!

Shaking things
She shakes all manner of things - usually our lovely standard lamp or at worst she shakes the yucca plant which I'm sure isn't doing it any good. She will shake chairs to see if they move, her big love is to shake the stair gates as if she's in a prison cell and wants out!

Carrying a plastic rake around
I got a bucket and spade set for her a while back, she enjoys carrying the bucket but mostly just takes the rake from room to room and often into the tent whilst having a roll around. Again, not the safest thing to carry whilst bouncing off the side of a tent!
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