11 Jul 2012

Looking back - The First Year

Seeing as Bubba is nearly half way through her second year, I wanted to put together her first year of memories and then when she is two, I'll do it all again.

March 2011
Bubba entered the world with a minimum of fuss and stress (on her part) and some pain and stress on mine. I'm guessing this will be the tone for the rest of our lives!

April/June: Bubba thrived and learnt many new things including sleeping through the night from eight weeks (this didn't last as around ten months she decided sleep was for wimps and would wake during the night). We entered the wonderful world of teething which was a real shock to the system and resulted in her first tooth at five months.

July/August saw us delve into the wonderful world of weaning and luckily Bubba took to it really well and enjoyed everything put in front of her. Since then her tastes have expanded and she loves strong flavours (but doesn't like chicken, sweetcorn or tomato) and loves pea's.

September we went on our first family holiday to the New Forest which Bubba really loved, it was her first time swimming in a pool, seeing horses and sleeping away from home. We travelled by car and it was a couple of hours journey and helped me compile my car travel essentials.

October/November/December Bubba and I go to Baby Ballet once a week and I've noticed her growing in confidence and enjoying herself. Christmas was brilliant and we found ourselves drowning in a sea of toys by the end of it. I'm looking forward to next Christmas when she'll know even more of what is going on.

January My lovely little girl now responds to the world around her and shows her likes and dislikes strongly. She is particularly interested in the television and we've compiled a list of the programmes that take her fancy.

February Bubba grows and turns into a funny little person right in front of our eyes. One of the funniest things I've found is popping into her room and seeing the way she has fallen asleep.

March 2012
We celebrated in style with a long weekend of activities where family and friends all got together to eat and laugh. Its been a rollecoaster of emotions and learning but I wouldn't swap it for the world.

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