16 Jul 2012

Making Space - Playroom

We've totally changed our house since we brought it. It was owned by an old couple who'd lived here for 50 years (so think 70's chic). We had a lot of work to do and as a youngish couple with no ties, it didn't daunt us (I could see the potential). We got most of it done within a couple of years of being here but left some bits until later (which took a while).

We had a rickity old lean-to on the back of the house which we knew would take a lot of work and so instead of going on a swanky honeymoon we decided to go more low key and get the lean-to double glazed (good job as it was rotten and we were told it wouldn't have lasted much longer).
Before - used for everything
Well fast forward a year or so, one baby later and we've finally got around to decorating the space rather than using it as a dumping ground. I had visions of making it into a place for me to watch bubba playing. So I set about finding funky colours to decorate and this is the (nearly) finished results.

Now - looking all bright
Bubba and I love it, in the morning she points to the keys to indicate she wants to go out into the conservatory to play. We then spend most of our time coming in and out and as she gets bigger I can watch her out in the garden from the safety of my chair whilst nursing a lovely cup of coffee (well I can dream).
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