2 Jul 2012

Mummy needs that...

Some days I listen to myself talking to Bubba and its really mind numbing stuff and I realise that I talk about myself like I'm not actually there! When did I start talking in third person and how is she supposed to know that 'mummy' and me are the same person?

On a typical day I find myself saying things like "mummy needs that" or "quick, mummy wants you to put your coat on." She as yet doesn't address me as mummy but calls both Hubby and me daddy which is fine as she uses a different tone of voice for me (it's more of a shriek!). But I spend most of my day trying to cajole her into doing things by talking in the third person, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

The other thing that I do, although I always said I wouldn't, is talk to hubby and call him daddy when she is around. Really basic stuff like "Daddy, can you pass the wipes?" which I don't really need to do as I'm not getting Bubba involved in the question I'm asking.

Sometimes though I do use it to my advantage and if I want Hub to do something and he isn't getting the hint I just say "daddy will take you out in a minute" or the best one is "Daddy will change your nappy." It works every time (although might not in the future if he reads this).
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