26 Jul 2012

My Shoe Obsession

My first love is shoes, as a young girl I always loved shoes. I can remember the first time I felt like 'the bees knees'. I had a purple pair of wallabies (yep shows my age) and I can remember they made me feel invincible. Well since then I have indulged my shoe love, especially heels. I have so.many.pairs! They all have special memories of places, people and fun, I just need to slip my foot into the shoe to reminisce.

Now I don't get to wear heels so much and it seems my shoe obsession has been replaced with buying shoes for Bubba. She has lots of pairs and considering she has only been walking for a few months, it's an impressive collection. Hubby can't understand why she needs so many pairs but as I tried to explain, girls need shoes for all sorts of outfits and occasions.
A small selection of her shoes...I can't get them all in one picture!
She also loves trying to put shoes on herself and also already tries to wear mine! If she sees shoes she will try and put them on my feet as well, this includes her dinky little ones which just about fit onto my big toe. I'm sure it won't be long before she is trying to convince me that she should have my shoes.
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