24 Jul 2012

My Week That Was

This is the first time I've joined Mummy Daddy and Me makes three in My Week That Was.

Monday Bubba went to my mum whilst I was at work. She always has great fun and comes home happy and exhausted. They played with a remote controlled cat, bubba was really good at controlling it.
Tuesday we went to Baby Ballet in the morning and then went and met my mum and dad for coffee. I've been obsessed with getting bub some wellies but unable to find any small enough. My mum found a little pair in Next, Bubba loved them.

Wednesday Bubba was at nursery and I was at work. She stopped her hunger strike at last and I had a little cry (of joy). On recommendation from my sister in law I joined Avenue 57 in the evening -where you post pics of each days outfits,  it's addictive and as my SIL pointed out, it makes you buy new clothes. You have been warned.

Thursday bubba went to my mum and dad whilst I worked. Bubba dribbled so much that she required a change of outfit. I think we have more teeth on the way, oh joy.

Friday bubba and I met a friend at Bluewater for lunch. Our little girls had great fun running along together, it was very sweet and a taste of things to come for me. I indulged my other obsession (not shoes) frozen yoghurt. Best bit was that Bubba was asleep so I didn't even have to share it.

Saturday I helped my family start to clear my grandparents house. Although it was sad, we got it sorted and had some smiles along the way. I came home and hub, bub and I went for coffee and cake because I needed it.  In the evening I dusted off my sewing machine which was my nans and finished some bunting. My efforts weren't straight but it's a start.

Sunday we walked down the road from us and watched the Olympic flame go past. I got quite emotional about it. We are off to the games next week so it should be an exciting time.
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