28 Jul 2012


Watching the Olympic ceremony last night left me feeling excited and proud.

Proud that us Brits can pull it out the bag when we need to and can show the world how fantastic we can be.

More than that, I feel proud my daughter gets to grow up in a democratic country where her view is important. She will not know suffering as a suffragette or the lengths they had to go to. She won't be able to comprehend being scared to speak her mind as in other places around the world purely because she was born a woman. The odds won't be stacked against her and for this I'm very grateful and proud.

I'm proud we are allowed to live our lives as equals and Bubba will be able to become whatever or whomever she wants without fear or regret. Watching the women athletes walking into the stadium, it makes me happy that there are so many positive role models for her to follow in our country.

We are led by a Queen and we often forget or overlook that we live in a united kingdom and are all truly 'great'.

I'm going to try my best to remember this proud feeling every day and to show my daughter how to be proud and live the best life she can. I'll also say a prayer for those women who aren't as lucky and hope that as women we can change the way the world looks at us in the future.
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