1 Aug 2012

Bean Bag loving

A lot of Bubba's clothes that she grows out of either get put away (in case we get another pink one), passed on to friends with little girls or get taken to the charity shop. There are a few things that I feel I cannot throw away yet I cannot recycle as they are a bit tatty or stained and unsuitable. I have a hard time putting her little baby sleep suits in the bin (don't want to pass on as they are faded and jaded) so I got rather excited when I saw on Little Flower Baby's blog the idea for beanbags.

I decided to cut up the cute sleeping suits and make some beanbags, now I am not an accomplished sewing machine user. In fact I've only just inherited my nan's old Singer sewing machine (and I'm already in love with it) so I'm not very good at straight lines or anything too complex. 

I cut out the squares of material, allowing room around my paper template to sew, I then pinned them together on the reverse ready for sewing. 

The best thing about these is that my sewing didn't even have to be that neat as when turned the right way they are very forgiving.

I filled the first couple with dried peas (which I've also used here) and then the next few with dried chickpeas - I prefer the normal peas but there isn't a massive difference. I sewed up the small hole and here you go...beanbags.

Bubba loves them already and they were fairly simple to make (I'd say a couple of hours all in from cutting out to sewing up). They are great to stack on top of each other, throw around and to balance on Bubba's head, hours of fun really.
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