12 Aug 2012

Daddy's Girl

Isn't it funny how we all take bits from our parents to make us who we are, Bubba for instance has always looked like her daddy but is like a little dolly (which I was when tiny). Since she was tiny, everyone would say how she looked like Hubby but I hadn't seen a photo of him as a child to know how much they look alike...until now!

My lovely sister in law sent me a photo and I just couldn't believe how much my little person looks like her daddy when he was little.

I was a bit more dolly like when I was little and Bubba has that from me, she is petite with little feet but she has got her daddy's hair, general look and cheeky attitude (I was such a good little girl...honest).

Me about the same age as Bubba

I can't stop looking at the photograph and seeing more similarities, I hope as she gets older she may look more like me but who knows. For now she is definitely more like him than me!
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