10 Aug 2012

Five Things - I find myself saying

As Bubba gets bigger and more aware of the world around her, I often keep up a running commentary on life for her. She is like a sponge, taking in more information and talking more each day and with that she seems more daring and wanting to try more things. So these are my top five phrases that I say every day.

1) Come on, mummys going this way

Along with this daring spirit is a wayward streak (as with all little ones). I often have to cajole her into going the same way as me and reminding her where she was going before she saw a dog/cat/small child etc going in the opposite direction.

2) Please don't stand on that...

I don't know what it is but Bubba will try and stand on anything and everything left on the floor. So today she has stood on a pile of magazines until she slips off, a fitness dvd case and her chair. I caught her trying to stand on the back of the push along dog Pete the other day, hubby thinks she may become a trapeze artist!

3) Oh look did you see that doggy?

I usually employ this when Bubba has been on the loose in the shops and I've just got her back in the buggy and trying to strap her in whilst she remonstrates. It makes her stop and look for a dog (she loves looking at dogs at the moment).

4) I don't think so...lets do this instead.

I'm trying not to say 'no' to everything as it's tough on Bubba, nearly everything she tries or wants, I usually shake my head and say no. So I try and say 'I don't think so' more and give her an alternative so that she doesn't end up copying and saying 'no' to everything. So far so good but I am aware it's early days.

5) Don't touch that please..

This applies to the grubby dustbin lids in the front garden, the wheels of her buggy, the yucca she likes to shake. Really applies to most things, most days. I do get sick of the sound of my own voice sometimes!
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