29 Aug 2012

Food loves and hates at 18 months

As I sat yesterday and witnessed Bubba eating her third breakfasts of the morning, seriously it was awe inspiring, I thought it would be nice to document what she does eat (a lot as it turns out) and what she doesn't like. Yesterday she started with a big bowl of porridge which she polished off within minutes so Hubby followed it with Weetabix (she ate 3/4 of this). I then came down and had a slice of toast and Bubba also had a slice and sat nicely on the sofa eating it. She had a late lunch and dinner as normal - at the moment she is an eating machine which makes a change from late. 

She did become fussy after the age of one, disregarding food she had previously loved but it wasn't a fussy 'not each much' but rather a 'I know what I want to eat'. Bubba has always had a nice big appetite which is great but I'm never sure where she puts it as she is only a slight little thing.

Bubba is also known as a food stealer, if we are at a party or someone else's house, she is happy to help herself to food off other children's plates as she passes. I've seen her eyeing up other families picnic food when we've been at a teddy bears picnic.

Stealing another child's food!
Bubba's Fave Foods: beef casserole, pea risotto, smoked salmon, cheese triangle. Mackerel fillets (eats whole one in a sitting), pasta, rice. Eggs - omlette's or scrambled (doesn't really do boiled or fried)

Snacks: rice cakes, animal biscuits, blueberries, strawberries, banana loaf

Hates: tomatoes, cucumber, carrot (although she used to eat this with gusto).

Usual day:

Breakfast (7.15am) of weetabix, toast, waffle or scotch pancake.

Followed by fruit - usually strawberries or blueberries (although doesn't really go for blueberries like she used to).

Around 8.30/9am second breakfast of (weetabix & toast at nursery). Waffle or pancake (at home) also usually has some of mine.

Lunch: around 12.30pm
Tiny pitta, smoked salmon and cheese
Cheese or ham sandwich
Breadsticks and pate

Fruit pot or yoghurt (& fruit)

Snack: 2.30pm or 3pm: raisins or little biscuits / rice cakes

Dinner: 5pm - Usually a hot meal
Pea risotto - loves anything with rice
Bolognese with pasta
Chicken risotto (Little Dish)
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