26 Aug 2012

London Zoo - Our review

We've never taken Bubba to the Zoo and Hubby had the week off so we decided to get up early and go for it.

We headed out with our two for one rail tickets and made our way to London Zoo, I seemed to have packed every available outfit choice for Bubba and so the stroller was fairly weighted down. 

I was excited but this hadn't rubbed off on Bubba as she moaned all the way to London on the train - which wasn't so much fun on a fairly packed train. We got off at Waterloo East and she moaned some more, getting on the bus was a little easier as she sat on my lap (for about 10 minutes the moaning subsided).  At Camden we got off and had a great walk to Hyde Park and went past the Lollibop festival preparations (we are so going next year). It was at this point that Bubba fell asleep and stayed asleep as we queued to get into the Zoo which was lucky as this took about twenty minutes.

We got a good deal with the tickets, as to take a family in normally it would be a fairly hefty sum of money. Instead we paid £23 between us and not each (Bubba went in free). She was still asleep at this point and we went to get a coffee and relax, it was nice and empty in the cafe so we watched the world go by until Bubba woke up. If you don't want to get stung for food, it's a good idea to take your own picnic as there are lots of places to pitch up and enjoy the park life.

Bubba, once she woke up, loved all the animals and especially liked the pigeons that roam around and also a funky looking hen we saw near another little cafe. We were a little sad that the elephants, camels and rhino's had been moved to another Zoo but on the whole the animals were all visible.

A warning! It's fairly brutal going through the Zoo shop to exit as everything is child level and it's hard to get out without buying anything. We got a magnet and keyring and Bubba carries them both everywhere now we are home but i'm not sure I'd get off so lightly next time we visit.

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