18 Aug 2012

Mummy Matters

Real mums telling it how it is...

Name: Gemma 
Bubba name: Elizabeth

How old is your little one? 6 months

How has motherhood changed you?

I have learned how to be late having a baby in tow as before I was always 10 mins early and used to get really uptight if I was going to be late for anything.  The day I got married I had to wait up the road (as some guests drove past!) as I was early. 

I am a lot more relaxed as a person since Elizabeth was born.  I am much more of a go with the flow now whereas before I was a complete stress head.   I put some of this down to the break from work but mostly just realising that some things really are out of my control. 

I also appreciate my own Mum in a way I never did before and would never have if I had not become a mother.

What items are in your handbag (baby related)?

What handbag!!  I have my beloved Yummy Mummy bag and that doubles up as a handbag.  For Elizabeth I have a change of clothes, emergency carton of formula just in case I am caught short, anti bacterial gel, bongela (total must at the moment) and the most essential piece of equipment, a dummy! 

What things could you not live without?

My microwave steriliser has been brilliant as in 6 mins have a sterilised bottle with no hassle.  Also it does not take up any room in the kitchen as can live in the microwave and I have not got loads of space.

The jumperoo has been a good investment as it means I can have a cuppa while it is still hot!
I go to a couple of baby groups and it has been great to ask other mums for advice as there is always someone who has had the same problem and found a solution. 

Any good advice you received (or could give)?

Trust your instinct as it is (nearly) always right.  If you think something is wrong, then it usually is.  I was told this by a friend and it is the best advice I received when Elizabeth was born and to this day have had none better. 

There are a few times where I have doubted myself but in the end I did know best and was right in my initial thoughts.

Do you use any good books or websites that you’d like to share to help you?

I have found Annabel Karmel 100 purees book invaluable as I am an awful cook and it has good clear instructions for the basics and also some interesting receipes to get her eating a wide variety of foods.
Describe your life now in one word:

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