5 Aug 2012

Our Olympic Experience

I've tried to steer away from anything Olympic on here because we are all living the Olympics and all have our own experiences of it. I then thought again and realised that in a year, five years or longer I might not remember it in as much details and Bubba may want to know more.

So I've put together in photo's our Olympic experiences from watching the flame pass the end of our road (and I nearly cried as I felt so emotional and proud) to Hubby and I going to Greenwich park with 50,000 other people to watch the cross country equestrian event. We had a great day, the sun was shining, the company brilliant and those horses are both powerful and majestic to watch. Some of the jumps they have to do and racing down hills was just thrilling to watch. 

When we got home (my lovely dad came and picked us up from the station) my mum and Bubba were sitting out front waiting for us. Bubba had a gold medal around her neck and waved her flags like a woman possessed and she apparently also liked watching the horses on the tv. We did have a ticket for her but as she is fully mobile but lacks a certain amount of control (and her attention span isn't great) we felt she'd have more fun going to nanny and grandads for the day.

Who knows, one day that ticket could be valuable or she may want to keep it to show she was (almost) there.

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