14 Aug 2012

She won't stop talking!

Words...now I'm a girl that likes words. Books are my thing, the look, the smell of the pages and the words inside. I'm also interested in listening to what others say (or don't say when they speak). Words can take you anywhere in your mind, they can influence others and help you on the journey through life.

I've always talked to Bubba (I've even been known to talk to her when she's not there! Walking around a supermarket talking to yourself doesn't help make friends but its such a habit to talk to her, I forget sometimes she isn't with me!) Ive always shown her books and read to her every night, both Hubby and I like a good read. Words are important in our house, so it's no surprise that she won't shut up.

So at 17 months I thought I'd list her current words. This is without the constant singing and shouting (and dancing that accompanies it).
D'at (that)
'at (cat)
Dadii (said in a squeal)
Mmuma (mum)
uck (duck)
'is (this)
Yeash (yes)
Row row row (doesn't know rest of song!!)
Cheese (said similar to 'please' but not so pleadingly)
dem (them)
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