23 Aug 2016

Toddler Bean Pillow - Crafty Corner

 *** Update - we still use this bean bag now and I'm making one for cub too ***

For a while now, Bubba has been a bit of a crazy throwing herself down on things type of girl and I've been looking for a toddler sized beanbag.

I haven't been able to find one I really liked that was the right price so decided to try and make one myself. I cheated a bit as I used a child's duvet cover - I had often admired it and as it already had one side sewn (I cut two sides down to the size I wanted) at least I had one straight edge. It also worked out cheaper than buying material separately and I've got lots left over to make more bags if needed.

I turned the material inside out and pinned the two edges to sew and then simply sewed the edges up (remembering to leave a gap for my beans to go in. I used a bag of top up beans and had to get Hubby to help coax the beans in the bag.

I did all this in Bubba's hour and a half nap and so when she woke I had a new toy for her to try out and judging by the photo's I took, she quite liked it. Most days she will throw herself on the bag and have a roll around or sit chilling out for a while. Now I know it's a hit I will make a few more for other rooms in the house so she doesn't drag it around with her.

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