3 Aug 2012

What to get done in your maternity leave

A friend recently asked (she has a lovely little newborn) what I would have done whilst on maternity leave before going back to work (in hind site). I thought it was such a brilliant question and a few of us answered (it was a facebook message) with completely different answers.

Almost without thinking, I'd replied that I would have taken a small holiday with Bubba and Hubby - I think for the first few months I was a bit too scared to go anywhere but near the end it would have been good to really go somewhere daring, just the three of us because once work comes back into the mix, things start to become a real juggling act of who, what, where and when!

Another friend said she would recommend taking advantage of all the different baby groups available as when you go back to work these can either be on the wrong day for you or difficult times (especially when you are trying to fit everything in to a few days). It also helps you to stop going out of your mind and makes the days not lead all into one long changing, feeding and sleeping session.

Someone else said she would have made more mummy friends and to go places during the week as they get more crowded at weekends. If you've ever been to a softplay venue on a weekend...it's utter bedlum! It's also one of the things you don't really understand or realise before having a baby but it can be a very lonely and self doubting exercise to be alone with a baby. So often I have had an issue or problem and gone out and told another mum only to be told it's normal or that happened to them. Instantly it helps you to feel normal.
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