29 Sept 2012

A Duck...a duck..a duck

I've know for a while that Bubba loves monkeys, it's the first official animal noise she made followed closely by a hissing for snake. First she would chuckle every time she saw a monkey but not any other animals, then she started making the noise and now she points out any she sees.
Recently her animal allegiance has changed and she will shout (more of a shriek) 'a duck, a duck, a duck' over and over if she sees a picture of a duck or a bath duck or one at the park. On holiday we were visited by about 15 ducks on our decking every night after dinner and we fed them bread and I'm sure that made the holiday for Bubba. She would stamp up and down getting excited all the time shrieking and holding her arms out - quite what she would have done with a duck if being able to hold it I wouldn't like to say!

So whilst out last week I saw this bath duck by Munchkin, in the sale no less, I'd had my eye on one of these when she was smaller but Hubby said we didn't have the space (and we don't really) to keep it in our bathroom but I couldn't resist. I thought it might be good for holidays as well or if another baby should come along as it can be set up anywhere and deflated again. It has a hook on the back so we can hang it up (not that we have as yet) and suckers on the bottom so it doesn't move around in the wet bath.

When I first inflated it in our living room, Bubba went mental and spent a good couple of hours just climbing in and out and rolling over in it. Money well spent in my book. I have since started using it in the bath and it's so good as it fills up quickly and doesn't take up as much water as we used to use. Bubba stays confined to one area (before she had started mucking about in the bath and trying to stand up but here she is kept in one area and its a bit of a novelty at the moment.

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