19 Sept 2012

Five Things - That make me smile

Five things that make me smile most days now can be easily found, Bubba is getting funnier and funnier as her personality starts to shine through. Below are a few of the every day things that I smile about.

Listening to Bub singing
She will sing at most opportunity and it's funny at the supermarket but my favourite is early in the morning in her cot  where she makes weird noises when she wakes up and then starts idly singing. We can leave her for at least 30 mins happily playing/singing on her own and it's only when the singing becomes yelling that I finally get up!

The way she follows me around 
...sometimes it gets a bit much if we've had a bad night or she is moaning but mostly I love it. Like my very own little shadow and it's reassuring to know where she is and what she is doing.

Coming downstairs at 7pm 
I love walking down the stairs thinking that's my work done for today (well as long as you don't count cooking and clearing up after bubba). I get dinner started and the evening is my own.

Watching bubba play with nanny and garg (grandad) 
They all have a blast and do crazy things that at home wouldn't be an option. I like just sitting back and knowing that they are having fun and memories are being created. She loves being at their house so much that she sometimes cries when she has to come home with me.

Waking up at 7am feeling refreshed 
The best feeling is looking at the clock and smiling when I realise she's slept a full night. They happen more often than not but you still get the odd off night. So when we get a full nights sleep, it's always worth a smile and to recognise that it hasn't always been like this (and may revert back at any moment!).
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