4 Sept 2012

Monkey Madness - Our review of Animal Reins

We have reached that point where Bubba is really on the move and seemingly with a mindset of 'why walk when you can run in the opposite direction' which is fun for her but leaves me feeling a little anxious once we've left the house. She is walking but not yet full conscious of where she is going or the perils involved before she gets there!

She can't be left to wander free at the moment so I started off using the basic reins from Mothercare which worked well when she first started walking because I could scoop her up before she hit the floor (it involves a harness that fits around her front and has a strap around her back to hold onto) but the only problem is that it didn't give her much freedom and although she wasn't stopping me putting them on, I could see that as she got more opinionated she may disagree with being so constrained.

Bubba has a love affair with all things Monkey, she will walk around making monkey noises and points at any monkeys she see's in books. With this in mind I thought she might like the Goldbug Animal Buddy Harness so we purchased them. They work out more expensive than the norm (retailing around £20) but I think they have already paid for themselves time and time again. She loves putting them on and wearing the monkey on her back like a small backpack and I find the single guiding strap (the monkey's tail) gives her the freedom she wants whilst still giving me ultimate control. 

The monkey is well made and only has one strap across the body, the handle has a nifty loop which helps me hold on properly and also I can put it over the stroller handle if I need to have my hands free to sort Bubba out. It also has a clip so can be removed easily if needed. There is a little pouch on the monkeys back for toys or I've found its good for stuffing the strap into when she is wearing it indoors. My only negative comment is that the straps are a little large on Bubs shoulders and we already have them as short as possible but this could be because she is only slight anyway and as the weather gets colder and she is wearing more layers it won't be a problem any more.

They come in a variety of animals and all are equally well made, I can't say enough good things about this as already it has revolutionized our little world.

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