11 Sept 2012

Outdoor fun - Project Wild Thing

We try and get out in the fresh air as much as possible and lately I've started to worry about how much time I'm letting Bubba watch TV and conscious that sometimes I put our family needs before hers (we go to the shops rather than to the park which she would enjoy more).

I know it's not always easy or convenient to run around over the park or in the woods when we need to get food or other supplies but Bubba is making it more and more apparent as she communicates better that she disapproves!

She does love the outdoors so much and it's a pleasure to see her laughing at the simple things, that's why when I heard of this initiative I got really excited.  Project Wild Thing is a  feature-length cinema documentary being made by Daivd Bond to encourage us all to go out in the fresh air more and I think it's a simple and brilliant idea.

Once on the website you can make a pledge and encourage others, there is help and ideas on how to encourage children to become interested in the outdoors. For new mothers there is the Out and About pack which shows the advantages of taking your little one out www.projectwildthing.com/projects/out-and-about-pack

We are going to make our pledge and a real effort to get out more for all our sakes. Please do take a look because we could change our children's lives for the better.
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