14 Sept 2012

Toys toys toys on their travels

I'm probably going on a bit and realise that everyone else is back at school now but we've taken advantage of the quieter time of year to go on holiday with Bubba.

I manages to pack her clothes concisely but wanted to scale down on the toy front as well. We only have a small car and I'm not sure Hubby would let me get away with a roof rack full of toys so I had to think small.

We have a constant battle against plastic toys, they have their place but sometimes I get a bit irritated by noisy plastic big toys. I'm glad they often have the two sound setting levels although to be fair, even the quieter setting is way too noisy for me. It's my ongoing nemesis.

So I've decided to go with a tote bag full of bits:

To start with I got a few puzzles in boxes with the idea that we can take them on the road with us to restaurants etc when we want a small bit of peace and quiet. May not work but it's worth a try.

Books...books...books - I've got sticker books, we love stickers in our house, I usually find them stuck on the floor, my jeans (or arms or legs), her toys, anything that doesn't move really! There is a brilliant little fuzzy felt book that I'm hoping might help with the car journey and of course colouring books as she likes a bit of a scribble.

We have a small library of Peppa Pig books, I find these brilliant because putting them back in the little box and taking them out again keeps her busy for ages. That's even before she's has had a read!

Last is the best bit of the whole bag of goodies...Happy people. They are my saviour and so I got a small fire station in the sale which includes a fireman, cat and car. It's the equivalent of a capsule wardrobe of happy people.

I really hope these things keep her busy when we can't. If all else fails we will be running around on the beach if it's raining or not!
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