2 Sept 2012

Wabbit love

'Wabbits' as Hubby calls them are a big favourite in our house. I've always had a love for rabbits and kept them from an early age and given them interesting names like Fudge, Fluffy, Oscar and Honey to name but a few. The last few rabbits were house rabbits and Honey only gave up her gallant fight on my first day of maternity leave so it was a very sad time for a while until I got used to life without her.

I have a dream of having lots of rabbits and passing my love of bunnies on to my daughter, so you can image my delight when our friends asked if we'd bunny sit their two baby buns for a week (they are only 10 weeks old).

At first Bubba eyed them with an air of suspicion  and kept asking to look at them (I put their cage on our dining room table, out of reach). After a while she forgot they were there until they moved and then would spend the next twenty minutes asking to get up to see them and then asking to get down and then asking to get up again. By this point the novelty was wearing thin with me too!

They were wonderfully tolerant little things and happy to just sit and just be. Bubba enjoyed having them around although the first time I put one on a towel on her lap, she stroked nicely and then squeezed between it's back bone and legs (in effort to move it I think). Poor little bunny handled it well and just sat there (plus Bubba didn't squeeze very hard thankfully) but it made me think that perhaps they weren't a good idea just yet.

I think she was more interested in trying to get in the cage and/or eat their food and the last time I got them out to clean the cage she gave one a helpful little foot nudge because it wasn't moving as fast as she wanted.

It made me realise that we aren't ready for pets and I want to concentrate on child rearing for a while but still have grand ambitions that one day we will be a home of 'wabbits'.
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