2 Oct 2012

Bubba's Sleepy time Space

When Bubba was smaller I used to spend a long time in her room just watching her (can you tell I'm a first time mother!!) and always loved the look of her bedroom, there are lots of things to look at and it's just a really inviting space. The walls are a mixture of minty green and white and she has a lovely star motif blackout blind that reminds me of Cath Kidston, the curtains and lampshade are beige and were in the room originally. Where ever you look there are trinkets like her russian dolls or hanging things to marvel at and we are always adding more quirky things as we go.

The other night I spent the evening rocking her in her chair as she was unwell and I looked around thinking if I was young again this is exactly what I'd want my room to be like. Not too girly yet very feminine and soft, with lots of things to see so I thought I'd share these because I know as she gets bigger, her room will change as she does.

I like fairies in little girls rooms because they always seem magical and inhabit a world of promise, I found a little fairy door whilst we were on holiday and like the idea of putting one in a tree in our garden but we don't have a tree. Instead we have fixed it to her wall so that the fairies can come and go. I hope she believes in fairies and magical things because secretly I still do.

Shelves stuffed full of teddies. All little people seem to amass a large collection of teddy bears from birth and Bubba was no different, I have some bears given by family whilst we were in hospital that have sentimental attachments for me and so took a photo of her surrounded by them and then put bears on shelf below.
When I was little I had a special money box at my nan and grandad's house (all the grandchildren did) that we put our pocket money into. I was lucky enough to get mine back recently but before I did I always hoped to buy Bubba a toadstool as mine was (It's the red and green one in the picture). So for her first birthday my mum and dad got her a beautiful money-box with a fairy on a toadstool. Hubby mentioned once that he collected money boxes when he was younger and so that is what we are doing for her too (inadvertently as my other nan had got her a mouse money-box for her birthday and we got the dinosaur one just after she was born).

The heart shaped bells were given to me on my wedding day, we used to have up and hope to put back soon, a scratch off map as Hubby loves to travel and look at maps but as it was above the change table which we still use, it was all too easy for Bubba to touch and try and pull off the wall. So the heart will move round the corner when Bubba is too big to fit the change table or is out of nappies, whichever is first.

I was and still am astounded by the talented people around me, my mum, aunt and family friends are all good at knitting, sewing and crochet and we received some wonderful gifts when Bubba was born. I'm hoping to use some as throws on her bed and the sewn piece sits on the back of the chair in the corner. It really inspires me to get better at knitting and I've started to teach myself to crochet, these all seem to be dying skills in the younger generations so I hope that they are things I might be able to pass onto my children and grandchildren in time (got to get better at them myself first).

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