14 Oct 2012

Easy Meals: Easy Peasy Pasta

I've owned a pasta machine for a few years now and I used to regularly make Hubby fresh pasta for dinner and would make all these wonderful creations of stuffed ravioli which I would proudly cook like a perfect Stepford wife (yes this was before kids when I had all the time in the world). Recently it has got very dusty in the cupboard and Hubby and I, when we see it, both say we must get it out and use it again.

Well last week I dug it out and dusted it down to make Bubba some fresh pasta because it does taste so different from the supermarket 'fresh' pasta and the dried varieties. The best bit is that it is so simple to make, like silly simple.

You will need:
100g plain flour (as a guide I do 100g per person)
1 egg

(so just increase the quantity per person on the egg and flour)

How to make:
Put the flour into a bowl or onto a work surface if you are feeling authentic.
Make a well in the middle and add a pinch salt
Drop egg in the middle and mix the sides inwards with a fork until it's all mixed in (keep at it as this doesn't happen instantly).
Then get your hands in and squidge (yes that is a technical term) the mixture together, kneed until it is like play dough in consistency.
Let the ball rest for 30 mins in a bowl with clingfilm over the top.

Now you don't need a pasta machine, it just does the job a bit quicker, you can use a rolling pin to get the dough thin (not quite see through). It also doesn't matter on the level of thickness, it's up to you really.
You can see the spots through the pasta

Lightly cover your surface with semolina so the dough doesn't stick. I laid mine out and cut with a pizza cutter into rectangles (small ish ones as pasta swells in pan). Pinch it in the middle and you have lovely little (or in my case, rather large) bows.
I made homemade pesto (which is also so easy that it's almost silly) and added shredded courgette, asparagus and peas to the mix.

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