18 Oct 2012

Five Things - reasons why I know I'm a mum

I talk about someone else's toilet habits daily 
At nursery we discuss how many 'dirty' nappies and the consistency or rather the nursery staff just tell me and I hear myself say "Oh four dirty nappies today, perhaps she's teething again!" whilst feeling relieved I dodged that particular bullet. I ask my parents when she goes to them so I know what I'm up against later and with hubby, I gleefully (yep I'm that exciting) discuss the level of explosion and consistency for the day.

I talk in months not years 
To be fair, some days I talk in minutes and hours because it gets me through...days seem too long let alone months! But I vowed I wouldn't be one of 'those' mums who talked in months but you just can't help it. I'm hoping when she reaches the grand old age of 2 (24 months) I'll revert to years.

I smile knowingly at people with children 
It's like a secret club that people without kids could never imagine that upon joining, their whole lives would be disrupted. We are all in it together and once you have a child and you realise the level of commitment and stress...and by then it's too late! It's also a knowing smile because however bad it seems to get you would do it all again in a heartbeat.

I'm an authority on everything and nothing 
I can wax lyrical on rubbish subjects and know irrelevant information about children. I can conjure up very imaginative answers for Bubba's pointing and squealing questions. Yet when I need to remember things or I'm having an adult conversation, my brain goes dead! I flap my arms wildly, trying to remember what I was saying and loose track, yet if you ask me when a child is ready to potty train, I can give you the whole list of things to look out for.

I am obsessed with sleep...mine, hers and hubbys...or the lack of it. 
I never realised before how much I need my sleep (and how much) and what I'm like without it.  I can be quite competitive in proving I am more tired than hubby or Bubba. If either of them dares to yawn in my presence, when I'm the one who spent last night sleeping on her floor because she was having a funky night and I listened to her snoring most of the night, then someone needs to hand me a cappuccino and make it snappy!
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