I'm one of life's magpies, I love a good bargain but what I love more is to covet what others have. My life is blessed and I'm truly lucky but it never stops me wanting what others have so in an effort to change I've decided to put together a regular list of what I currently covet in the hope I can relieve the urge to covet.

First on my list of want but don't need right now is il Tutto georgia Hobo baby bag £259
Georgia hobo TaupeThis is more than a baby bag, it's a bag that shouts 'I'm a woman who knows what I'm doing'. It's serious, it's sexy and it's functional and for me it was love at first sight. 
We currently have little use for a baby bag because Bubba is more self sufficient but if I did then this lovely wouldn't be far from my thoughts.

Fox jumper by Sugar Hill Boutique  £45

Foxy Sweater - Charcoal Main Image I love, love, love this cute jumper and the foxes body wraps around onto the back of the jumper. 
Animal pictures are a big thing this autumn and this little number is one of the cutest around at the moment in my opinion. It's just a case of thinking of a way to keep this out of Bubba's grasp if I got it as she would try and steal this from my grasps.
Image of She Rides Above it - SOLD OUT
She rides above it print £60  by Chase and Wonder
I was truly gutted when I found out this was sold out as I kept going back to look at it. They have an updated version for 2012 but I'm still a little bit in love with the original that I'm not sure I want the other one. 
The stripes and ribbons appeal to me and for the moment I'll just keep coming back and staring at this marvel.

http://www.mollieandfred.co.uk/images/products/food-face-ceramic-plate-by-fred-7okB.jpgFood face plate by Fred - I first saw this on Instagram and fell in love with it straight away so searched for it and found it here at Mollie and Fred. £9.99 I can see myself and Bubba having fun making lots of different creations.  
It's a brilliant way to get vegetables at least on the plate and make it harder for little eyes to ignore (which Bubba currently does, it's like she can see through anything remotely healthy).

Cath Kidston purse £26. I love spots and this lovely creation fills me with all sorts of warm feelings and the only downside that I can think of is that I'd be getting my purse out of my bag more often if I had this purse...which as we know can only mean one thing - spending more money in Cath Kidston!