31 Oct 2012

Places and Spaces - The Playroom

We recently updated our conservatory to house Bubba's ever growing toy stash which I think must multiply overnight. I've written about it here before but every time I go out there I love looking around as it's so bright and pretty and a lot of people say it's got a seaside feel about it, so I thought I'd share it with you.

On our recent holiday, I got a little bit obsessed with collecting shells as we went to the beach every evening and ended up carting a lot of them home and so I decided to have a shell jar. Whenever we go to a beach from now on I am going to collect and add to the jar as an ongoing reminder which Bubba will probably want to play with as she gets older. I also have an owl obsession, I have no idea why or how but I do and throughout our house they can be found dotted around.

My lovely bunting and home-made blind, I haven't taken close up photo's because my stitches aren't very straight yet but the more bunting I make (and I've made a few already as I got a bit bunting trigger happy over the summer) the straighter I get the sewing machine to go.

My favourite photographs are hung from a garland that I originally bought for my wedding but never used and it now wraps around pipework above our outside/inside toilet.

 Home-made photo frames, the button start was the first to be made, the second was a pretty little cross stitch which matched our conservatory colours and I've still go one to go but as everything, it's a work in progress.

Bubba's table and chairs, not a day goes by that she doesn't sit here for something or other and it's usually piled high with puzzles and colouring books and crayons. I love these little things and they go perfectly in our bright and breezy room.

My little haven, my lovely little corner that I sit and watch Bubba from or escape out here to look at the garden once she is in bed. It feels peaceful and grown up.
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