28 Oct 2012

Toddler to Teenager in a weekend

We've had a weekend of it, my darling little girl has turned into a, very opinionated, whirlwind of activity. She is good during the day most of the time but is starting to rebel against me and also has a few teeth coming through which compounds the situation.

Her favourite word is currently 'no' but it is said in a more cockney EastEnders 'Naaha' with a look of disdain. Her other new word is a demanding 'more' which gets louder and louder with each minute that passes in which her demands haven't been met.

I could give the UN peacekeepers a run for their money at the moment and although I'm sure this is true of every 20 month old, it's wearing me down this week. I have to bargain and compromise at every turn and I don't always win the battle before the next one begins.

My sister in law gave me some very good advice once, she mentioned that with her daughter she would choose her battles and didn't always sweat the small stuff. I remember this often when Bubba is telling me in no uncertain terms that she doesn't want to eat her dinner in the highchair and so we move to a carpet picnic because in the long run it really doesn't matter.

Bubba no longer willingly waits at the door at nap time and if asked if she wants to go to sleep I get the obligatory "nah" (in fact if I ask her anything these days she instinctively goes to say 'nah'). Hubby had to pretend to go to sleep on her floor at nap time today before she would give in and go to sleep because she was fighting it with all her might.

If she is feeling particularly savage and is bored of someone's time and attention or a situation (or even the TV sometimes) she will wave in their face whilst repeating "bye" and moving away from them. It's the ultimate slap down really and she does it unflinchingly. 

Trying to dodge mummy's affection
And then she smiles and belly laughs and that's it, I'm putty in her hands again. Another battle begins...
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