5 Oct 2012

What actually goes in

For a while now I (like many first time mothers) have been obsessed slightly with how much Bubba is eating at each meal. As she gets older and more discerning over what she will or will not eat, I've found myself getting too caught up in how much she actually consumes per meal when I return to the kitchen yet again with what I perceive as another mainly uneaten meal. When she has cleared the plate I feel almost jubilant and happily report back to my mum and husband as if it is daily news.
Enjoying fish and chips on holiday
I've seen a few others on Instagram (to which I'm addicted) photographing their toddler meals and so I decided to take this one step further and document a week of meals with before and after photographs so I could see what I'm returning to the kitchen with. The results I found quite surprising as I often look back and think it was a bad food week when in fact she is eating as much as she needs and is pretty consistent (most of the time). 

I only focused on one meal a day, usually dinner as lunch time we are often out and about or I am at work and these meals she either has a sandwich or finger foods and I give her a hot meal at dinner time to help her get through the night. Breakfast isn't included either because she eats a lot at that time of day, at the moment she is on two breakfasts a day (I know, I know...how can I worry about food consumption when she is eating loads in the morning...but I did ok). After every meal she is given fruit which normally consists of either strawberries, grapes or apple and at dinner time she also has a yoghurt (sometimes a fruit pot at lunchtime).

Saturday: Homemade pizza and wedges - this combination always goes down well and she has never passed up a homemade pizza so I was expecting most of this to be eaten.

Sunday: Bubba has always enjoyed mince but went through a faze of not eating anything with a strong tomato flavour so it is still sometimes a bit hit or miss. This was a hit as I added a bit of normal gravy so it wasn't too strong.
Monday: Vegetable risotto (couple of mouthfuls), followed by smoked cheese and a slice of toast. It's typical that as soon as I wrote this post about how much she liked it, she decided not to eat much. But looking at this photograph makes me realise that she still ate quite a bit of it (or maybe I sort of helped eat some!!).
Tuesday: Spaghetti hoops, liver sausage, cheese triangle and crumpet.
She wasn't too sure of the liver sausage but ate it in small pieces along with the hoops (but wouldn't touch it on it's own).
Wednesday: Nursery feeds her lunch and dinner but sometimes she doesn't eat much whilst she is there so I usually give her an egg based meal as they are quick and easy, she had scrambled egg when she got home and ate the lot with some left over hoops.
Thursday: Was supposed to be beef casserole but we got home late so I prepared her toast and cheese. She wouldn't touch it and asked for a yoghurt which after one mouthful she was promptly sick all over us both and continued into the early hours. 

The end of the week went a bit wrong as she came down with a tummy bug and all bets were off and for the last five days has only picked at food (and we are talking two rice cakes and a piece of cheese a day!).
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