21 Nov 2012

A Review - MAM Cutlery Set

Bubba loves to feed herself now but still also likes me to give a helping hand from time to time so when we received this MAM Cutlery set I was quite excited to try the set out.
They are smaller than any spoon and fork combo that we already have, the handles are made of a strong rubber that wipes clean and is easy for Bubba to grip. Today she had one of each in her hands and was taking turns in shoveling the food in, she seems to find them easier to hold and use. I've noticed that her aim is more precise using these and she isn't left chasing food around her plate, both have a deep scoop on them (but not too deep that once in her mouth the food doesn't come off the spoon).

Another great thing is that already we have used these with quite strong coloured food such as spaghetti bolognese and they haven't stained the plastic (unlike some of her other spoons and forks). The knife is brilliant because it has a slightly serrated edge and as you can see from the photograph above, it's shaped to fit little hands. We have used this out and about when I've needed to cut up Bubba's food for her, she isn't at the stage where she is cutting her own food up but she did use the knife to transport some rice to her mouth and I wasn't worried that the serrated edge would hurt her mouth because it wasn't too pronounced. I would recommend buying this set and I always now pick them out of the cupboard instead of her other sets.

We were sent the cutlery set for review but all opinions are our own.
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