3 Nov 2012

Mama wants...mama needs

Last month I wrote about my wants yet couldn't gets but since that post I seem to have acquired two of the things featured so I'm not so sure how well I'm doing in stopping my coveting!

Hubby and I came across this brilliant product at the recent Baby & Toddler show being held at Bluewater in early October.  It's a baby blanket that allows you to lift your baby with the minimum of disruption to either yourself or the baby. As the photograph show, baby is secure and supported and it saves lugging the moses basket up and down the stairs (as we did to start out). If we end up having more children then this is definitely going to be on my hit list but for now it's on the covet list.

Carnaby Wooden Play Kitchen by Great Little Trading Co 
I have the idea that Bubba would love a kitchen for her birthday but I'm not sure if it's because I'd like to have a play with one again. What child doesn't like to pretend to cook and sort pans out? I love this wooden kitchen (so much in fact that I seem to have stuck one into the side of my blog). I like looking at it so don't really mind that much.

KitchenAide Artisan Mixer - Harts of Stur
I want, want, want one of these, I don't particularily care what colour - although I love this Ice blue, I don't really know what I'd do with it but it would make me fat, I know that much. I would joyfully be making cakes with this beauty left, right and centre. Family and friends would be sick of me bringing them things to eat because I just wanted an excuse to use my kitchen aide.
KitchenAid Artisan Ice Blue Food Mixer With FREE Gift

Frosty Siler Heart necklace - Allium Jewellery

For me it would have to be this lovely heart necklace, I often decide I'm in need of a new necklace and tell Hubby in the hope he will remember for my birthday or Christmas but I don't always know what I want, well this time Hubby I do, I want this one please...
Frosty Silver Heart Necklace

Wall stickers by tinyme
They have a new range of woodland wall stickers out that start at an impressive £20 and can be personalised with your child's name and also the style can be changed. They are great to instantly change a room without doing anything too drastic and if you have two children in one room then there are all sorts of potential to personalise their individual areas. Lovely woodland animals make these magical and practical, a big love from me for these.
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