9 Nov 2012

Memory Book Moments - October 2012

Time seems to disappear so quickly now and also forget to write things down in a memory book so from time to time I'm going to add our memories here. Here follows the most recent and funny things that Bubba is saying and doing...

When daddy, at breakfast, said 'you are going to nursery today' you replied 'uh oh'.

You currently don't like nursery and will cling to me and cry. Every week it breaks my heart a little but you seem to have fun whilst there and seem happy once back at home. I'm hoping you'll enjoy it more and want to run in but I can't see it happening any time soon.

You now say bye bye to everyone and everything. Including puddles and the bath. If you decide you've had enough of someone you say bye to their face or go and find your shoes ready to put on whilst waving and repeating 'bye'

If I say nana would be cross if you do that (when you are being cheeky) you stop immediately. I'm trying not to over use the phrase in case it loses its power!

You love to climb on everything possible. Whether this is an upside down Tupperware box, a children's watering can on its side, a ball (yes you tried to do a circus trick), to a table or tv unit. I really can't turn my back now.

You are obsessed with ducks. We have to take a plastic little duck everywhere. At bath time you have at least five in the bath. You will point them out in the funniest places, I never knew there were so many ducks in every day life.

Stars are shaping up to be your new obsession and you point them out all the time (now its nearly Christmas, you are in your element). I'm on the hunt for a duck with stars all over it, I'm sure I've seen one somewhere.

Instead of answering 'yes' now you nod your head instead, this is very cute but a little inconvenient whilst I'm driving and can't always turn around to see if you've answered my question.

You love older children and want to follow them around. If you are brave then you give them a little push and then laugh. You so want to be a big girl.

Favourite words: mumma, nanna, duck, star and book. 

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