12 Nov 2012

Please don't make me show you my wardrobe!!

I was watching 'Show me your wardrobe' this week and it made me realise I have no style. I love the blog too but the more I watch/read I find myself further from being fashionable. The premise of the show, if you haven't seen it, is that a fashion stylist and model/blogger go into celebs houses and riffle around in their wardrobe finding their best outfits and most favourite things. Most of them have a 'style' such as casual, vintage, long dresses, short skirts etc.

I used to love fashion and getting dressed up, I'd spend weekends shopping and for nights out my only problem would be choosing from the ten outfits on the bed. Now if I go for a night out it leaves me in spasms of doubt as I try to cobble one outfit together and I feel totally inadequate. I even found myself asking my two best friends this week if I was too old to wear embellished leggings that I'd seen in New Look, in my past life I would never have asked that, and I'm not even that old yet!

I don't have a signature style, alright I know I'm not a popstar or celeb but if you looked in my wardrobe you wouldn't necessarily see what style I favoured or even like. Mine is more a mismatch of clothes and looks all a bit smash and grab, a little less style and a bit more Primarni. So how do I get myself a signature style? I don't know how it got to this though as I used to be really good, Bubba is going to grow up thinking that her mum is devoid of any style whatsoever.

My shocking jumble of clothes!!
I'd love to be a vintage girl (like Dawn Porter) or casual Slone clone (Millie mackintosh) or stunning like Elle McPherson, oh I wish! but I'm not sure I have the time, effort or money to pull off any of these looks.

I tried last week and rushed out to buy myself a blazer and new top for a girls night out but I'm not sure what else I should be doing. Perhaps I need to have a signature style that I try for a week and take it slow, maybe trying painted nails and lips (I know that sounds simple but trust me, although I used to do it every day, most weeks I wear neither polish or lipstick). Or I could try finding some vintage inspired pieces. Or perhaps I should just stop worrying about it and rock my 'no style, style'!

What are staple items needed in wardrobe and do you have that elusive (well for me anyway) capsule wardrobe? Or how do you manage to stay on trend with kids in tow?
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