14 Nov 2012

Project Wild Thing - an update

I wrote about Project Wild Thing here a while back and I think it's a fantastic aim to get more children up and out of the house and into the wild. It's a different world we live in today, a lot faster than generations before and our wants/needs are also more evolved but a lot of children aren't discovering the simple joy of regularly getting some fresh air whilst kicking leaves around and listening out for birds, or hearing a branch crackle underfoot.

We love going outside, as a toddler Bubba has that natural curiosity that makes her want to be outside all the time and, more often than not, running around. At the moment the weather is perfect to wrap up warm and go kick some leaves about in the woods or the park. I've always been a lover of the woods, my nan and grandad always took my brother and I over the woods to walk and discover nature and I always feel rather nostalgic whenever I get the chance to just be amongst the trees and crunchy leaves or to see a squirrel scamper up a tree.

Project Wild Thing need our help to carry on with the documentary, they need us all to make a pledge, which can be found on the Kickstarter website.

Below is the description of what David Bond is trying to achieve and if you watch the trailer you will be inspired as I was. So please, please go have a look and see if you can help because we all need to give our children the experiences that can shape their lives for the better.

"What will happen if we raise a generation of children completely out of touch with nature?
Filmmaker David Bond thinks Mother Nature needs a helping hand. His children are fascinated by screens but are strangers to the natural world. Childhood is different to when he grew up - so many distractions compete for children’s time and attention. David appoints himself the Marketing Director for Nature and, with the help of marketing experts, he sets out to convince apathetic consumers, and his family, of the benefits of this amazing, free, wonder product. His journey takes him across the world as he attempts to untangle the complex web of agendas, fears, policies and habits that disconnect him and his family from the natural environment. Project Wild Thing finds hilarity, joy and absurdity in the choices we face as 21st Century humans. What happens when we forget we are natural animals?"

More information can be found here too:
Twitter: @wearewildthing

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