19 Nov 2012

The Contents of my bag

As soon as Bubba was no longer making a mess of her clothes (so I didn't have to take a spare set out) and was less prone to explosive nappies that required me to take about eight out at a time, and as soon as I relaxed and stopped taking everything she could ever possibly need out, I found I no longer had a use for a separate nappy bag.

I now take her lunch box out and she can often be found carrying this herself, I'm very pro making your child do some work! I found I could incorporate some wipes and a couple of nappies in my handbag but lately it seems to have got very heavy. Yesterday I investigated the contents and thought I'd share what I'm currently lugging around on a daily basis.

Three happy people - these little people have saved me in so many situations since Bubba could grasp them in her little mits. I whip them out when we are in a restaurant or usually Costa coffee (I'm slightly addicted) and she can play happily with these three people for ages. We sometimes give them blankets (courtesy of costa) or generally just make them kiss each other which is an obsession of Bubbas at the moment!

Numerous hair clips - what is it about toddlers and hairclips, she is fine with one in until you point out that she has one in and then she takes it out to show me. I can then never put it back in again or we have a twenty minute game of me putting it in and her taking it out! They seem to gravitate to my bag and multiply!

Two bags of wipes - do I need two? I am at the point of finishing one bag and starting the next which is just plain annoying. As soon as I only take two wipes out, it'll be the day she spills something or makes a real mess!

Nappies and nappy bags - need no explanation there.

Instant hand sanitiser - I got this after we all came down with the same tummy bug in one weekend, it was a killer bug and floored us all. So now I aim to try and give our hands a wipe when we leave nursery (or arrive) because it seems the germs breed in that little class room.

My makeup - on work days I can never make it out the house with Bubba in time so I grab my makeup on the run and put it on at work (if I remember).

Books - again these little books help us out of boredom, Bubba likes taking them out and putting them back and taking them out again. Also they make a nice house for the happy people.

What do you carry around daily? And have you found that you now have one arm longer than the other and the other one with more muscles from carrying the baby!
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