18 Nov 2012

When a big girl pushed my little girl

At our weekly ballet class, there is a mixture of older girls (nearing age 3) and the little girls (youngest 18 months). We only moved up a group about two months ago so it's all very different and Bubba isn't interested in her peers but loves to run after the bigger girls and try and touch them. In turn these bigger girls (there are about five) look at her as if she is a little freak and back away. She still chases them thinking it's all a big game and smiling all the while.

Except this week one of them didn't turn away and run off, well she did but turned back then decided to hug (in the loosest sense) bubba. Her mum was busy texting or chatting or could have been both as she is never watching her child. This girl was a little rough which is understandable at 3 but then she shoved bubba, quite hard, making her stumble backwards a bit. I didn't know what to do, my instinct was to jump up and go and get my baby but I didn't, I sat because I figured that I can't always wade in and she has to make her own way in the world of toddlers.

I can't now get out of my head the look of astonishment and confusion on bubs face. She came over to me a bit teary and wanted a cuddle but how do you explain to a little girl who just wants to be involved that she won't always get a favourable response. She'll have plenty more of these encounters as she gets older and I want her to fight her own battles but a bit of me feels sad that she'll have to.
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