31 Dec 2012


Our family haven't had the best year (or last couple actually) but I'm still very grateful for my family, friends and for those little things every day that remind me to smile. With a funny little toddler in the house this is easy to achieve.

This man keeps me strong and loved

  This girl is my world
Wouldn't be without my family, it was lovely to see them all at Christmas and share some lovely new memories.
I'm glad I've got these two

Food food food...I'm always grateful for my food (so much so that I'm on a diet from now!)

So this Christmas and new year I'll be saying some prayers of thanks for all that is good. I'll shed a tear for those who are no longer around and hug the people I love the most.

18 Dec 2012

Five things - That happen often in toddlerville

She Plays Me
I went out for a curry with the NCT mums and mentioned that bubba seems to play me every single day. Most nodded with empathy. At the moment it's all about food, she doesn't want what I give her then an hour later (I'm a build it and they shall come type of mum, I basically leave the food in view hoping she will eventually get worn down) she eats every mouthful! She is also a yoghurt monster, she chants it at me as I try and convince her to eat the food I've spent ages preparing. I lose the fight most days.

Eating food previously shunned

Testing Boundaries
I'm surprised and amazed every day and not always in a good way. She is brilliant in so many ways, I wasn't ready for how quickly they learn things and how much she understands. One smart cookie, she talks all the time and is a cheeky, funny little person. But we have days she manages to push a button I wasn't aware was pushable...and it gets me!

It's a massive competition!
We all say its isn't and that we are happy when another child can count to 100 at 18 months and your child is just gurgling in the corner. I'm happy for said mother but it also makes me panic that there is something i should have said or done so my baby can count to 100. I have the same feeling when I meet mothers of 'sleeping through the night' babies. What am I missing, what should I have known?

"Do the right thing!"
My brother used to say this to my gorgeous nieces when they were toddlers. I used to find it funny. Now I say it to bubba when she is decimating the Christmas tree or climbing on something she shouldn't and looks at me to get a reaction. As a mother it's difficult to do the right thing all the time, or know whether there is a right thing to do. sometimes we watch too much tv or eat dinner on the move (literally she is walking around) or I let her climb in slightly dubious conditions. As for the tree, I've given up stopping her...as long as she makes it without too many scrapes or square eyes then I'll have succeeded I guess.

I would Move mountains
Bubba still has a dislike of going to nursery. She will cry on the route there and clings onto me like a limpet and has to be prised off by the nursery teacher. She cries with relief when I pick her up and we have this ritual twice a week (for over 6 months). A bit of my soul shrivels each week when i first have to take her and I call it black Wednesday. I now hate Wednesdays. It takes every part of my self control not to rush back in the room and take my baby away and cuddle her better. I don't like upsetting my girl because I want her to be full of joy always as she deserves it. i know that isnt realistic but I would do anything for the toddler who has destroyed my sleep for so long now. Who knew!


15 Dec 2012

Homemade cookie mix in a jar

I love Christmas (more the idea of it) but find it very stressful in practice, I'm not keen on getting presents at the last minute and fighting crowds to the last furby on the shelf. I find buying gifts stressful, it's all to do with not knowing whether I've got the right thing, in the right colour etc. Each year I vow that next year I will give homemade presents but I never quite get around to it. That is until now!

I love Pinterest and its addictive nature means I'm often pinning craft things to do and make. Seriously there are some talented people out there who make amazing things. This year we've had a few hiccups in our family which has taken up a lot of my time so I decided to start small and see how well my homemade gifts are received. There were lots of cookie mixes or hot chocolate mixes on Pinterest which I love the idea of and would like to receive one myself.

I have lovely nieces who are all into baking at the moment and a few friends with little ones of cooking age so thought they'd be ideal. I picked up some jars from Ikea and a pack of Christmas cookie cutters from TK Maxx and found a Christmas cookie mix recipe from the Sainsbury magazine. The dry ingredients had to be sieved three times and then put in the jars and they look lovely finished. I do hope the recipients like them (& don't read this post as the surprise will be spoilt.


12 Dec 2012

Christmas Tree Toddler Exploration

This year is the first time Bubba has noticed our tree and decorations. She loves coming downstairs in the morning and looking for our elf on the shelf. But most of all she loves stripping the tree and trying to eat the decorations.

I thought about putting together some of the ideas on Pinterest such as a tree of her own to decorate or a felt tree that she could add felt ornaments to but...well I ran out of time and patience. I'm no closer to stopping her eating the decorations or trying to pull all the garlands off but at least I get to buy new ones next year and being that little bit older she won't (perhaps) try and eat them! It also makes great photography fodder and I've always got a camera close to hand at the moment.


10 Dec 2012

Photographs - Visual memories

I've got so many photographs of Bubba on my phone and I do regularly upload them but don't often look at them. 

I recently decided to put together a little slideshow of how she has changed. I seem to watch this often and it gets me every time, I can't believe my little baby is growing up.  It was so easy to put together and most phones now allow you to make a slideshow and save it.

The best bit is that I often play this to Bubba and it keeps her quiet because she does love looking at photo's (and video's) of herself. I used a great app photoslide to upload into a video format to be able to put onto YouTube.

It also makes me realise that my baby is mostly a very happy and smiley little girl and I hope that continues for a long time.

7 Dec 2012

Memory Book Moments - 21 Months

I can't quite believe my little baby is now a fully fledged toddler who has so much energy and seems to get louder and braver by the day.

Stars and buses seem to have overtaken your duck obsession. If we drive past a bus you exclaim loudly 'A BUS!' as if you've never seen one before and you do this for EVERY bus you see which going down the high-street can be several at a time.

You are very affectionate, blowing kisses and coming for cuddles. You like blowing kisses to strangers and in our ballet class and at parties you love nothing more than chasing a big girl around trying to give her a cuddle and kiss.

Sleep is better but worse! We've had long stints of you sleeping through the night which is good but then when you have a bad night it's a real shock to our systems. You now just call out mumma over and over without pausing for breath in the middle of the night. It gets me every time.

Garg is your go to man. Often you pick up the phone as say 'garga?' And then randomly press all the buttons. Whenever we are out and you see a man that vaguely looks like grandad, you will say 'Garga?' and when I bundle you into the car to go nursery, you hopefully say 'nana and gargas?'

Your daredevil streak is getting more pronounced. You love nothing more than standing on things and climbing on sofas. Even if you fall and hurt yourself you get straight back up and do it again. I think this is a great (if a little scary for mummy) trait that you keep on getting back up.

You have started to string sentences together such as 'blue car, go?' Asking if we are going out today and 'these mama boots'. All very cute and brilliant if you ask me.

Sharing is a big thing for you, whenever you get given food when we are out (especially biscuits) you will make sure everyone else has one as well as you. If given it first, you will offer it to garga (grandad) or whomever else is there, it's very sweet. I'm not sure what you'd do if we took you up on it but at least you offer things to us.

You've started eating cheese again (this used to be a big love of yours) and you are always willing to try something new. But you also are fairly particular on what you will or will not eat at the moment, you aren't really a fussy eater but it's more of a willful decision you are making and testing the boundaries. As long as you try things I'm trying to be calm and happy that you've at least had a go, regardless of whether you end up eating much!

5 Dec 2012

Christmas Easy Make Snowman

Last week after looking on Instagram I got all excited and decided to have a craft afternoon with Bubba. I kept scrolling through photographs of children doing Christmas crafts that looked both skilful and easy. I decided we would give it a go too.

I prepared the house and got the mats out for the floor, got the glue, paper and glitter ready. I then coaxed Bubba to sit down and we began to make a cotton wool snowman with a toilet roll tube. About three minutes in, Bubba just wanted to get up and walk around and then became fixated with standing on her little chair and laughing. I got rather disgruntled and carried on regardless so although I'd like to say with did this together, the truth is we didn't. I alone constructed this...

It was a very easy make and I'm rather proud of our new member of the family, Bubba is still rather dismissive of it. I started with a roll of cotton wool and glued the roll to it, I then created a ball of wool for the head and attached this inside the roll.

I got all a bit extra crafty at this point and crocheted a tiny scarf for our snowman (in the process I had a bit of a tussle with Bubba who insisted on trying to unravel my ball of wool). The nose is a small bit of orange paper (again glued) and a couple of black dots for eyes complete the look, after this photograph was taken, I also added three black buttons down his front. He is now stuck on the tree and I'm hoping to make a few more to dot around the house, who knows, by next year Bubba may show a little more interest and make these with me.

2 Dec 2012

Sunday Kitchen Diaries

My child has decided that sleep is for wimps and last night had a party in her room in the middle of the night, for several hours. This morning I did what any self respecting mother would do, yes I drank coffee and cooked! I know sleep should have been top of the list but I was in manic overdrive with a toddler running circles around me so I started with making Cheese Biscuits to combat the tiredness.

The first recipe was from Mamacook and I love the blog, I'm always finding things to cook from there and get excited when a new post pops up on my Blog Lovin feed. Bubba and Hubby both love these biscuits and they usually disappear within minutes so I only do them in small batches and freeze the rest for another day (the mixture defrosts really quickly as well).

My next adventure in the kitchen was to make some bready scrolls from the My Daddy Cooks cookbook. I've tried several recipes from this book and love the simplicity and ease with which the recipes are displayed. Again this recipe worked for us and it was easy on my sleep deprived brain (and it was cooked within fifteen minutes). I filled my scrolls with one of Nick's suggestions of tomato purée, basil and parmesan, I could have gone a bit heavier on the filling but it didn't disappoint and I'm eager to do these again with another filling.

Finally, this wasn't really cooking but I've seen it on Pinterest and bookmarked it to try, frozen yoghurt drops. These were so easy to do, literally just drop a teaspoon of yoghurt onto the container and put into the freezer (excuse the pan I used, can only blame the tiredness). I took them out after about an hour and Bubba had some after her lunch of bready scrolls and cheese biscuits.

All in all not a bad start to a Sunday morning, not sure I'll keep it up every weekend though!

1 Dec 2012

We are going potty

So on our weekend trip to Ikea we got one of these...
We aren't planning on potty training just yet because Bubba is only 20 months and I feel it's a little early and will be easier when her levels of communication are better to be able to tell me properly when she needs the toilet. I just got one because I saw it and thought we could put it in the cupboard (or put dolly on it so she gets used to it) until she was ready. She is already becoming more aware and often grabs her nappy when she has been to the toilet and says 'poo' regardless of whether it is a poo or not.

But then this happened...
And since then she has become more nappy grabby and actually goes and gets the potty and sits (fully clothed) on it when she has been. We haven't shown her what to do or the whole process, she has just taken it upon herself. I really hope she isn't completely ready yet because I'm not, I don't want to be running for the nearest toilets or pulling the car over and hanging her over the curb...not just yet!

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