5 Dec 2012

Christmas Easy Make Snowman

Last week after looking on Instagram I got all excited and decided to have a craft afternoon with Bubba. I kept scrolling through photographs of children doing Christmas crafts that looked both skilful and easy. I decided we would give it a go too.

I prepared the house and got the mats out for the floor, got the glue, paper and glitter ready. I then coaxed Bubba to sit down and we began to make a cotton wool snowman with a toilet roll tube. About three minutes in, Bubba just wanted to get up and walk around and then became fixated with standing on her little chair and laughing. I got rather disgruntled and carried on regardless so although I'd like to say with did this together, the truth is we didn't. I alone constructed this...

It was a very easy make and I'm rather proud of our new member of the family, Bubba is still rather dismissive of it. I started with a roll of cotton wool and glued the roll to it, I then created a ball of wool for the head and attached this inside the roll.

I got all a bit extra crafty at this point and crocheted a tiny scarf for our snowman (in the process I had a bit of a tussle with Bubba who insisted on trying to unravel my ball of wool). The nose is a small bit of orange paper (again glued) and a couple of black dots for eyes complete the look, after this photograph was taken, I also added three black buttons down his front. He is now stuck on the tree and I'm hoping to make a few more to dot around the house, who knows, by next year Bubba may show a little more interest and make these with me.
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